1 LB. Nuts & Chews Chocolates Box


Crunchy, chewy and completely satisfying. High-grade roasted peanuts and almonds, lucious caramel wrapped in Guittard’s 5 generations of perfected milk and dark chocolate. This box provides you with the perfect variety to try all of Chocolate Cottage’s specialties.


Milk Pecan Turtle

Dark Pecan Turtle

Toffee Cream Ball

Milk Caramel

Dark Caramel

Milk Sea Salt Caramel

Dark Sea Salt Caramel

Cashew Turtle

Macadamia, Almond OR Peanut Turtle

Almond Truffle

Toffee Truffle

Short Stack

Dark Almond Caramel

Coconut Surprise

Milk German

Dark German

Milk Pecan

Peanut Cluster

Dark Cashew

Almond Cluster


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Weight 1 lbs


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